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Stephanie Berryman - Leadership Development Coach, Consultant, Bestselling Author, Chocolate Lover

Stephanie Berryman is a leadership development coach and consultant who has been teaching people how to lead from their strengths, communicate clearly, have hard conversations, deal with difficult people, increase their productivity and manage their stress for the last 15 years. Her focus is on providing you with practical strategies and ensuring that you implement them so you can get results.

A teacher at heart, she has a Degree in Education and a Masters Degree in Leadership. She is the author of 3 Amazon best-selling books. Her most recent book is Working Well: Twelve Simple Strategies To Manage Stress and Increase Productivity.


If you are looking for relevant, impactful advice on how to be more successful in your career and how to manage stress and increase productivity, Working Well is a wonderful place to start. Stephanie's warm, influential and authentic approach makes you feel as if you are actually sitting in front of a top-notch leadership coach who is facilitating your own transformation while mentoring you through her 12 resounding strategies. This actionable, strategic book is one that I highly recommend as a great practical guide when seeking to gain your power back and enjoy your career and life.

Angela Grosvenor
Peak Performance Results Coach, Robbins Research Intl.

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Working Well, Living Well:

Learn practical strategies you can implement today to decrease your stress and increase your productivity.

Communicating Effectively

Communicating Effectively:

Learn key communication strategies and a model for delivering difficult feedback to improve your communication in every relationship in your life.

Building Positive Relationships

Strengthening Your Relationships:

Learn tools to manage your emotions, deal with difficult people and build positive relationships with everyone in your life.

Effectively Engaging Your Employees

Effectively Engaging Your Employees:

Learn simple and practical strategies that will improve your employees' productivity by 31%.


Tara Bromberger

Stephanie’s coaching was extremely beneficial for me. She was able to challenge my ways of thinking and improve my confidence as a leader.

She gave me tools to practice, and homework to push my boundaries beyond what I thought I was capable of.

I would recommend Stephanie to anyone that is looking for guidance and growth both personally and professionally.

Tara Bromberger
Coaching Client

Bob Bell

You've taught me how to be a better listener and to appreciate opinions that are different than mine. You have been the catalyst in my career development and I will never forget how much you’ve helped me get to where I am today.

Bob Bell
Coaching Client

Adrienne Schenk

Stephanie really understands how people learn. The way Stephanie mixes realistic tools with questions, actions, and humour allows anyone the ability to learn and grow in fostering healthy work relationships and building their leadership. She drops truth bomb after truth bomb, and anyone who wants to improve relationships in their life, at work and at home, NEEDS to read her books!

Adrienne Schenk
Teacher and School Counsellor

Janice Weigel

Before I would feel overwhelmed and things that were easy seemed unachievable to me, Now I am able to breathe and focus and put things in perspective. Your messages, strategies, tools and examples have personally helped me become a more effective, compassionate, connected leader.

Janice Weigel
Coaching Client

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Working Well

"A thought-provoking and optimistic set of tactics for stress elimination."        - Kirkus Reviews

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