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Employee TrainingThese are the employee development programs that I teach if they become part of a customized leadership development program. Each program is adapted to meet the specific needs of your organization. I also have other consultants who specialize and teach in other areas including succession planning, strategic plans, and having difficult conversations.




There are many elements of employee engagement that employees themselves have control over.  This workshop helps employees identify what makes them feel excited about work and how to motivate themselves in difficult situations. Participants leave the workshop with key strategies they can use to improve their engagement, foster strong relationships at work and be as productive as possible.


"Emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance, explaining a full 58% of success in all types of jobs." Travis Bradberry.  Participants in this workshop will learn the value of emotional intelligence, identify the four elements of emotional intelligence and learn strategies to develop their emotional intelligence. Participants will understand how to use emotional intelligence to succeed at work. Online Emotional Intelligence Assessment is included therefore the course can be personalized to individual's specific needs.


This workshop is focused on generating insight and taking action to create and sustain behavioural change.  If you would like to deepen your self-awareness and understanding, this workshop is for you.  Participants will engage in reflection on their behaviours, actions and impacts and identify root causes of their behaviours.  This level of understanding supports participants to make lasting, positive change in the ways they interact with others.  If you would like to improve your interpersonal relationships, at work or at home, this workshop will help you identify triggers and patterns and develop healthy responses and give you tools to build strong, healthy relationships.


"Feedback seeking behaviour has been linked to higher job satisfaction, greater creativity on the job, faster adaptation in a new organization or role and lower turnover.  Seeking out negative feedback is associated with higher performance ratings." - Stone and Heen

Learn the three different types of feedback, the triggers that make it difficult to hear feedback and understand your blindspots.  Learn how to seek feedback and ways to determine what feedback is valid and how to act on it.

Stephanie has tremendous skills in adult education and engagement. She’s increasingly becoming my go-to contractor for work that demands expertise in learning or mini-curriculum/instruction, particularly in a health or social sector context. Her work is professional, on-time, on-budget and bridges evidence on how people learn, synthesize and recall with incredible creativity. She’s also such an easy person to get along with. I have no hesitation recommending her.

Sarah Hamid Balma
Director of Public Education, Mental Health Promotion, Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division

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