Nine Strategies for Dealing with Stress – PDF

Nine Strategies for Dealing with Stress – PDF


Dealing with stress? Learn to recognize stress symptoms and learn 9 practical stress management tools and techniques. This short and practical e-book provides readers with 9 strategies to help with stress management. Only 30 pages long, the book is designed for people dealing with stress. Stephanie Berryman writes short and practical books with the desire to share the strategies that have helped her to build a good life for herself in spite of challenging circumstances. She writes with compassion and focuses on easy to implement strategies.

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This book is the second in a series, ‘9 strategies for Dealing With…’. The first book, ‘9 Strategies for Dealing With the Difficult stuff’ hit #2 in the Amazon ‘Memoirs under 45 minutes’ category. In ‘9 Strategies for Dealing with Stress’, Stephanie draws on research into what some of the best stress management strategies are and ties this into her personal experience. Her focus is primarily on how we can change our relationship to stress. Many stress management books focus on common-sense, lifestyle strategies that most of already know but don’t use, like drinking less alcohol and coffee and getting more sleep and exercise. While these are excellent ideas, Stephanie’s approach is to help readers reframe their relationship with stress and focus on what they can control, which is their response to stress. In the appendix of the book, Stephanie shares excellent lifestyle strategies that her readers have contributed to the book and a list of websites and resources to access.

Stephanie Berryman has her masters in leadership development and she has worked as a consultant, coach and corporate trainer for the past 15 years. Stephanie has worked as the manager of education and training at a local branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association and has delivered training in stress management and mental health. In her book, she draws on her personal experience in managing stress as well as what she has learned about stress management from teaching courses to hundreds of students.

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