Working Well: Twelve Simple Strategies to Manage Stress and Increase Productivity – PDF

Working Well: Twelve Simple Strategies to Manage Stress and Increase Productivity – PDF


Do you need stress management tools to give you some stress relief so you can have more time and energy for your life? If you want to stress less, relax more, have better time management and higher productivity, this is the book for you.

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You’ll find practical strategies to help you instantly reduce your stress, manage workplace conflict, deal with workplace stressors including work overload, finding work-life balance, and having difficult conversations.

A comprehensive guide to reducing workplace stress… A thought-provoking and optimistic set of tactics for stress elimination. –Kirkus Reviews

Working Well is the stress-management book for people who are too stressed out and busy to read books. It’s fast, funny and practical. You’ll learn:

  • Sure-fire strategies to help you stay calm in any situation
  • Approaches to change your hard-wired stress response and handle your stressors like a Buddhist monk
  • Brain-based methods that will skyrocket your productivity
  • A model for having difficult conversations with ease
  • Tools to build a foundation for a relaxed, happy life

Filled with engaging stories, thought-provoking questions, and research, Working Well is a must-read for anyone wanting to thrive at work no matter how difficult their manager and coworkers might be. If you’d like more time and energy for what matters most to you—your job, your relationships, your health, and your life—start reading.


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