Working Well, Living Well – Online Course

Working Well, Living Well – Online Course


Do you want to learn strategies and create habits that will help you reduce your stress for the rest of your life?

Our Working Well, Living Well online program is a game-changer.



Here’s what you’ll learn:

Week one:

  • How to take control of your emotional and mental state (so you can find happiness in any situation)
  • Strategies to make sure that your lifestyle change lasts
  • Tools to create positive habits (and replace negative ones) so you can totally transform your life

Week two:

  • Five Personal Responsibility Questions that will give you power in every situation – you’ll never feel helpless again
  • Tools to address challenges in your relationships
  • A model for providing feedback
  • Strategies to make difficult conversations easy

Week three:

  • Tools to break through the thoughts and behaviours that have kept you stuck in stress
  • Strategies to action your new beliefs and behaviours to keep you energized and empowered
  • The magic of mindfulness

Week four:

  • The three productivity hacks that will triple your productivity this week
  • How to set the right priorities
  • Strategies to ensure you meet every goal you set


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