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Are you exhausted from juggling everything all at once? Discover a brain-based approach that will provide well-deserved stress relief.

Do you feel daunted by the demands of your job? Are you overwhelmed by the working parent’s life? Struggling to reduce your staff’s pressure without taking a productivity hit? With a Master’s degree in Leadership and over a decade of experience coaching thousands of people, Stephanie Berryman is the embodiment of her recommendations for dealing with stress. She’s worked high-pressure jobs while caring for her mother with Alzheimer's and she’s run a successful business while parenting two young children. Now she’s here to share her practical methods for staying cool and achieving balance so you can be your best self.

Working Well: Twelve Simple Strategies to Manage Stress and Increase Productivity is a fast and effective guide to defusing stressors and finding fulfillment. Through Berryman’s straightforward techniques for pragmatic conflict resolution and work-life balance, you’ll rediscover your sense of serenity. With her surefire tactics for keeping calm, you’ll be able to thrive with all types of coworkers and in any environment.

In Working Well, you’ll discover:

  • Sensible steps to juggle the demands of your job and home for better health and sanity
  • Questions and strategies to keep yourself accountable so you can excel on your own terms
  • Approaches to changing your hard-wired stress response so it’s always easy to stay in control
  • A model for navigating difficult conversations, strengthening your relationships and staying positive
  • Client stories, research-based strategies, specific action items, and much, much more!

Working Well: Twelve Simple Strategies to Manage Stress and Increase Productivity is your handbook for finding the strength to handle your stress and live a happy life. If you like quick reads, humorous and informative anecdotes, and expert advice then you’ll love Stephanie Berryman’s optimistic new outlook.

Buy Working Well to free your mind from worry today!

Praise for Working Well

I loved this insightful and refreshingly honest book. Working Well is a solid guide to nurturing a healthy life. I highly recommend the tools Stephanie provides for increasing productivity and reducing work and life stress. If you manage your internal self well, health and happiness will flow in abundance.

Dr. John Izzo
Bestselling author and motivational speaker
Vancouver, BC

This is not just a leadership book for work it’s a blueprint for a life well-lived. The twelve gifts that Stephanie Berryman offers allow you to bring out the best in yourself and in others. Berryman embraces stress as a real part of our lives and then provides the reader with the keys to positively transform how you live.

The book is as much a story as it is a reference guide and a life hack that you will keep on your desk at work or at home.

Colin Moore
Director Food Services

Working Well is the textbook for improving our performance, reducing our stress and building quality relationships with our workplace partners. I highly recommend you read this book today.

John McKearney, MA, ECFO, MIFireE
Fire Chief / General Manager (Ret.)
Vancouver Fire Rescue Services

Workplace stress is something I see patients, colleagues and friends struggling with on an almost daily basis. Stephanie Berryman’s experience as an HR professional and coach come through in this excellent resource full of practical advice and tools. This book was a pleasure to read and I strongly recommend it.

Dr. Christina Campbell
Family physician

Working Well is a great book for any leader in any business or industry. Stephanie does an amazing job outlining the effects of stress on leaders. I felt like she climbed inside my head and knew what I was feeling and dealing with. I have already started to employ the ideas outlined in the book and working through the simple questions and techniques has helped me balance my home/work life.

I will be buying this book for my team and sharing her approach to handling stress and improving productivity. This was a great read!

Stephen Hillier
President, MPIS-Integrated Solutions, Worley