"A thought-provoking and optimistic set of tactics for stress elimination."        - Kirkus Reviews

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The Working Well book is based on my years of experience as a leadership consultant and thousands of hours of research.

Coming Soon! Stephanie’s new book will be available in paperback in September 2019 and on Amazon in January 2020.

In early October, Stephanie will be doing a special advance launch of her book for clients and friends only. Please email her if you’d like to come and she’ll send you an invitation.

Stephanie Berryman and Dave Kidd are available to teach the Working Well strategies in lunch’n’learns, keynote presentations or conference seminars. Email stephanie@managetoengage.com to book a session.

The eBook will be launched in January 2020. (Join the Working Well Community to get early access.)

Praise for Working Well

This is not just a leadership book for work it’s a blueprint for a life well-lived. The twelve gifts that Stephanie Berryman offers allow you to bring out the best in yourself and in others. Berryman embraces stress as a real part of our lives and then provides the reader with the keys to positively transform how you live.

The book is as much a story as it is a reference guide and a life hack that you will keep on your desk at work or at home.

Colin Moore
Director Food Services

I loved this insightful and refreshingly honest book. Working Well is a solid guide to nurturing a healthy life. I highly recommend the tools Stephanie provides for increasing productivity and reducing work and life stress. If you manage your internal self well, health and happiness will flow in abundance.

Dr. John Izzo
Bestselling author and motivational speaker
Vancouver, BC