Stephanie Berryman

As part of her Master's in Leadership, Stephanie trained as a coach and has been coaching individual contributors, front line leaders, middle managers and executives for the past ten years. She is currently completing her certification as a brain-based coach with the NeuroLeadership Institute.

Stephanie takes a practical approach to coaching, starting with identifying your overall coaching goals and providing you with practical strategies that you can start using right away so you see results immediately.

In her coaching, Stephanie draws on neuroscience, leadership research, stress reduction strategies and her extensive coaching experience to give you the tools and perspective you need.

In each session, you’ll gain insights into yourself and learn how to work through your challenges, reduce your stress and reach your goals. Each coaching session ends with identified action items that you commit to implementing before your next session.

Stephanie asks for a commitment of six sessions and suggests 3-4 weeks between sessions so you can implement the action items you have committed to.

All of Stephanie’s coaching clients have access to her online courses at no additional cost.

We hired Stephanie Berryman to provide coaching for several members of our team. Each person she has worked with has high praise for Stephanie. She was a pleasure to work with, and helped our team members with stress management, as well as the development of skills with leadership, work prioritization, and many other areas in both their professional and personal life.

Stephanie was great with communication updates and providing constructive feedback that she felt I would be interested to know, while maintaining and respecting the team’s confidentiality. She has been of great help in uplifting our team’s morale. I highly recommend her services.

Michelle Wong, Vice President, Client Care - Optiom Inc.

My coaching sessions help me organize my thoughts and give me the courage to take action and initiative. I feel so much more organized and productive and even better, I feel so much happier. I’ve really been able to grow and to contribute more to the company through my coaching.

Tewa Madi

Going in to this coaching offered by our company, I wasn’t too sure what to expect but working with Stephanie has been one of the most positive and productive experiences I’ve ever had.

Stephanie always makes me feel like she really cares and has a lot of creative ways to work towards goals and navigate my feelings. I had never really considered coaching to be the missing piece in rebuilding my self-worth. I am a person who struggles with depression and anxiety, I’ve tried countless programs to work through my challenges and while they may have helped me understand root causes of my pain and behaviours, doing coaching with Stephanie really helped me learn to transform my thoughts and feelings into something constructive and utilize them as tools to grow.

This experience with her is something I recommend to anyone as it has already helped me tremendously personally and professionally, enough so that I requested to continue to work with her even outside of the company program.

Donna Melhorn

Stephanie is absolutely amazing to work with, she is smart, kind, personable and funny. She really hears you and helps work with the material you have rather than trying to make you something you aren't.

Steve Barton

I have seen counsellors to help me manage my anxiety but nothing has helped like these coaching sessions with Stephanie. Between her straightforward, caring approach and the actions I’ve been taking, I can’t believe the changes I’ve made. I can do things I never thought I’d be able to do and that has opened up a whole world of possibilities for me.

Cathy Ewan

Working Well

"A thought-provoking and optimistic set of tactics for stress elimination."        - Kirkus Reviews

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