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Are you dealing with difficult stuff? Heartbreak? Loss? Grief? Mental Or Physical Health Challenges? Relationship Challenges? Family Challenges? We all go through struggles in life and in this loving and wise little book, Stephanie Berryman shares her own experience of dealing with the difficult stuff and the strategies that she used to help her come through it all with an open heart. Stephanie grew up with a brother with severe cerebral palsy and at the age of 21, she became the primary caregiver for her mother who eventually died of Alzheimer's. Add into the mix, an alcoholic father and a brother with bipolar disorder, the death of two of her family members and Stephanie has had vast and varied experience in dealing with the difficult stuff. She writes with compassion, grace and courage to connect with others going through a difficult time. This book will provide you with practical and easy to implement strategies to help you handle whatever comes your way.

Praise for Nine Strategies for Dealing With the Difficult Stuff

This book is such a clear, readable and authentic publication - I loved it. I devoured it late one night and the writing kept me engaged plus the practicality of the 9 strategies on offer. I will turn to this book again to remind me of the choices I have when I am dealing with the challenges of life.

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In only 28 pages, Stephanie Berryman compassionately uses her own life to illustrate tried-and-true ways to build personal resilience. She gives practical guidance for walking through life's inevitable periods of pain -- and out the other side -- instead of pacing in circles of avoidable suffering.

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Dealing with stress? Learn to recognize stress symptoms and learn 9 practical stress management tools and techniques. This short and practical e-book provides readers with 9 strategies to help with stress management. Only 30 pages long, the book is designed for people dealing with stress. Stephanie Berryman writes short and practical books with the desire to share the strategies that have helped her to build a good life for herself in spite of challenging circumstances. She writes with compassion and focuses on easy to implement strategies.