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Are you exhausted from juggling everything all at once? Discover a brain-based approach that will provide well-deserved stress relief.

Do you feel daunted by the demands of your job? Are you overwhelmed by the working parent’s life? Struggling to reduce your staff’s pressure without taking a productivity hit? With a Master’s degree in Leadership and over a decade of experience coaching thousands of people, Stephanie Berryman is the embodiment of her recommendations for dealing with stress. She’s worked high-pressure jobs while caring for her mother with Alzheimer's and she’s run a successful business while parenting two young children. In Working Well, she shares her practical methods for reducing stress, increasing productivity and achieving balance so you can be your best self.

In Working Well, you’ll discover:

  • Sensible steps to juggle the demands of your job and home for better physical and mental health
  • Questions and strategies to keep yourself accountable so you can excel on your own terms
  • Approaches to changing your hard-wired stress response so it’s always easy to stay in control
  • A model for navigating difficult conversations, strengthening your relationships and staying positive
  • Client stories, research-based strategies, specific action items, and much, much more!

Stephanie Berryman is available to teach the Working Well strategies in lunch’n’learns, keynote presentations or conference seminars. Email to book a session.

Praise for Working Well

A comprehensive guide to reducing workplace stress.

This latest book from corporate trainer and consultant, Berryman (Nine Strategies for Dealing With the Difficult Stuff, 2016) aims to help readers identify the effects of stress in their own lives and in those of the people around them. She then offers ways for readers to change their responses to stress, reduce it, and increase their productivity. Berryman's strategies draw on the author's personal experience helping clients in her private practice. 

In all cases, Berryman emphasizes enhancing self-awareness and taking the time to step back and notice harmful and beneficial patterns. This comes into sharpest focus in a chapter on creating positive new habits; she describes habits, in general, as "the brain's way of saving energy," and throws light on the fact that many stress-inducing elements are, in fact, merely bad habits--which are, of course, susceptible to change. She also notes that people often don't realize how much power they're giving away to harmful people and situations; in essence, the steps that she outlines here effectively aim at taking that power back.

A thought-provoking and optimistic set of tactics for stress elimination.

Kirkus Reviews

This is not just a leadership book for work it’s a blueprint for a life well-lived. The twelve gifts that Stephanie Berryman offers allow you to bring out the best in yourself and in others. Berryman embraces stress as a real part of our lives and then provides the reader with the keys to positively transform how you live.

The book is as much a story as it is a reference guide and a life hack that you will keep on your desk at work or at home.

Colin Moore
Director Food Services

I loved this insightful and refreshingly honest book. Working Well is a solid guide to nurturing a healthy life. I highly recommend the tools Stephanie provides for increasing productivity and reducing work and life stress. If you manage your internal self well, health and happiness will flow in abundance.

Dr. John Izzo
Bestselling author and motivational speaker
Vancouver, BC

Are you dealing with difficult stuff? Heartbreak? Loss? Grief? Mental Or Physical Health Challenges? Relationship Challenges? Family Challenges? We all go through struggles in life and in this loving and wise little book, Stephanie Berryman shares her own experience of dealing with the difficult stuff and the strategies that she used to help her come through it all with an open heart. Stephanie grew up with a brother with severe cerebral palsy and at the age of 21, she became the primary caregiver for her mother who eventually died of Alzheimer's. Add into the mix, an alcoholic father and a brother with bipolar disorder, the death of two of her family members and Stephanie has had vast and varied experience in dealing with the difficult stuff. She writes with compassion, grace and courage to connect with others going through a difficult time. This book will provide you with practical and easy to implement strategies to help you handle whatever comes your way.

Praise for Nine Strategies for Dealing With the Difficult Stuff

This book is such a clear, readable and authentic publication - I loved it. I devoured it late one night and the writing kept me engaged plus the practicality of the 9 strategies on offer. I will turn to this book again to remind me of the choices I have when I am dealing with the challenges of life.

Amazon Customer

In only 28 pages, Stephanie Berryman compassionately uses her own life to illustrate tried-and-true ways to build personal resilience. She gives practical guidance for walking through life's inevitable periods of pain -- and out the other side -- instead of pacing in circles of avoidable suffering.

Amazon Customer

Dealing with stress? Learn to recognize stress symptoms and learn 9 practical stress management tools and techniques. This short and practical e-book provides readers with 9 strategies to help with stress management. Only 30 pages long, the book is designed for people dealing with stress. Stephanie Berryman writes short and practical books with the desire to share the strategies that have helped her to build a good life for herself in spite of challenging circumstances. She writes with compassion and focuses on easy to implement strategies.

In this book, you’ll find practical strategies to help you strengthen your working relationships, have difficult conversations and deal with conflict.

This is an excerpt from Working Well: Twelve Simple Strategies to Manage Stress and Increase Productivity.

From the introduction:

“I’m Stephanie Berryman and I’m so glad you’ve bought this e-book. You’re going to learn some excellent strategies to help you strengthen your working relationships, have difficult conversations and deal with conflict.

I’ve spent the last ten years running my own business as a coach and a leadership development consultant. I’ve used these strategies to help thousands of clients improve their working relationships. Most people have also used the strategies I teach to improve their personal relationships as well.

One of my clients was on the verge of getting fired when I started working with him. Three months later, he was promoted. Another client said to me after just two sessions of working together, “I wish I’d started working with you years earlier. I could have saved myself thousands of dollars in therapy.”

These strategies work. As long as you use them. That’s the key. I’ve put questions and action items at the end of each chapter to encourage you to take action. I know it can be hard to make a change but if you keep taking the same action, you’ll get the same results.”