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Want proven strategies to help you get more done with less effort, strengthen your relationships, and have more energy and time for your life?

I design my courses based on how adults learn which means I make them bite-sized and super practical. You'll get proven strategies based on research and neuroscience. You will see results right away. I give you shortcuts and save you hours of time. And I teach you how to make change easier and make it last.

I promise you that these online courses will be fun and fast and you will get immediate results. All of my courses come with a money-back guarantee because I know you’re going to get exactly what you need and succeed. So go ahead and grab one today, you’re going to love it.

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Working Well,
Living Well


In this four week course, you will learn tools to reduce your stress and increase your productivity.

Interactive activities, weekly commitments and accountability partners will ensure you follow through on what you're learning.

This course is also available with Group Coaching, Personal Coaching and as a part of a Workplace Package. Please visit our Working Well Packages page to learn more.

Week one:

  • Creating a Positive State
  • Tools for Instant Stress Reduction

Week two:

  • Using the Personal Responsibility Questions
  • Providing Feedback and Having Difficult Conversations
  • Taking Action to Reduce Your Stress

Week Three:

  • Identifying and Replacing Limiting Beliefs and Behaviors
  • Using Mindfulness

Week Four:

  • Productivity Hacks
  • Identifying Priorities

Bonus: Sign up for Working Well and get "Building Positive Relationships" and "Hillary's One Hour Yoga Class" for free.

Strengthening Your Communication


In this course, you’ll learn:

  • practical strategies that will help communicate more effectively
  • a feedback model to help you deliver positive and constructive feedback
  • strategies to prepare for delivering feedback
  • tools for having difficult conversations
  • a model to help you communicate more assertively
  • tips from an HR consultant and a union president on how to communicate effectively in challenging workplace situations
  • workplace communication strategies

20 videos of 3-5 minutes each

This course can be completed in 2 hours.

Strengthening Your Relationships


In this course, you’ll learn:

  • practical strategies that will help you build positive relationships at work
  • a feedback model to help you deliver positive and constructive feedback
  • effective Listening Strategies
  • the four quadrants of emotional intelligence and specific strategies to grow your emotional intelligence
  • tools to manage your emotions in stressful situations
  • strategies to deal with difficult people

10 videos of 3-5 minutes each

This course can be completed in 45 minutes.

Effectively Engaging Your Employees


In this course, you’ll learn:

  • tools to identify individual levels of staff engagement and how to respond to them
  • the influence you have over employee engagement and how to wield it
  • the magic employee engagement strategy you can use to boost productivity by 31%
  • strategies to increase your own level of engagement
  • strategies to make sure your employees can answer yes to Gallup's 12 employee engagement questions

15 videos of 3-5 minutes each

This course can be completed in 90 minutes.

Supercharge Your Days


Do you have way too much to do and not enough time to do it?
Would you like to have 2 free hours every day?
And STILL check off everything on your to-do list?

I’d love to give you my Supercharge Your Days system so you can:

  • Knock it out of the park at work (without burning out)
  • Have more free time for yourself, your friends and family
  • Feel more relaxed and energized

This course shows you a proven system based on neuroscience filled with simple strategies to help you feel motivated, productive, energized, and happy. You’ll get results right away.

If you want to get WAAY more done with WAAY less stress and have WAAY more time for what you really enjoy, click here to grab Supercharge Your Days. Don’t waste another minute!

Having Accountability Conversations


In this course, you’ll learn:

  • a framework of accountability
  • the importance of fairness as it relates to accountability
  • a feedback model to help you have accountability conversations
  • why we avoid accountability conversations
  • tips to make your accountability conversations go smoothly
  • strategies to keep yourself calm in the moment

This course is 9 videos of 3-5 minutes each. It can be completed in 45 minutes.

Change Made


Have you tried to make change before and it didn’t work? I know how frustrating that can be. That’s why I’m giving you this awesome bonus. Learn what all the researchers and brain scientists know about how to make change easily and make it last. This mini course is just 30 minutes long but it’s jam-packed with simple strategies you can use to make change easy and make it last.

Mini Motivation Course


I used to buy online courses and then not finish them (sometimes I wouldn’t even start them!). If you’re in the same boat, I designed this course for you! This super quick (12 minute) course is designed based on the brain science and brain chemistry of motivation. With this bonus, you’ll be flying through whatever courses you buy (and any other work you need to get done).

Supercharge Yoga Class


In this course, you’ll get:

  • yoga poses that will energize and strengthen you
  • stretches to strengthen your spine
  • deep breathing techniques
  • yoga poses that build your biceps and abs
  • words that will put you in a positive state

1 video of 55 minutes

This course can be completed in 1 hour.

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Change Made Easy

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Mini Motivation Course

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Nine Strategies for Dealing with Stress eBook in PDF Format

Nine Strategies for Dealing with Stress

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* Except Change Made Easy, Mini Motivation Course and Supercharge Your Days. Supercharge Your Days comes with the Change Made Easy Method, Mini Motivation Course, Supercharge Your Days Workbook, and Working Well Book.

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