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High Performing Teams don’t just happen, they take work. Often teams get too busy to make time for team development but without focusing on creating a strong team, your team will be less productive, less engaged and have more difficulty navigating difficult situations and conversations.

Stephanie works with your team to help you identify strengths and gaps within the team, address existing team dynamics and develop high-functioning ways of working together.

Stephanie will design and facilitate sessions focused on your specific and unique needs as a team. She uses her extensive team development experience to help your team grow and change quickly and easily. Throughout your work with Stephanie, you will identify specific behaviours and actions you can implement within your team on a day-to-day basis to become a high-performing team.

The benefits of High Performing Teams are clear – employees on high-performing teams are more engaged and motivated, meet their goals, work as a cohesive and engaged team, include and connect with one another frequently, and get great results.

Contact Stephanie today to find out how she can help your team develop into a high-performing team. Email or call 250-588-6364.

I first met Stephanie when she worked with the executive management team of Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services. Stephanie’s whole approach was in line with the way good leadership should operate and allowed for honest dialogue. The impact Stephanie made to the leadership team was the building block to creating significant and positive change in our organization.

Joe Foster

Stephanie’s work with our team has just made everything easier and better. From giving and receiving feedback, to recognising our strengths and how to utilize them, there has been significant incremental improvement in the way we do business. This includes improved productivity and focus, a more positive workplace culture and less stress.

Luke Gillies, MEM, P.Eng., CIM | Section Manager - Utilities

Working Well

"A thought-provoking and optimistic set of tactics for stress elimination."        - Kirkus Reviews

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