Customized Leadership Development

Dave teaching leadership training classCUSTOMIZED LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS

Because every organization is unique, we offer customized solutions for whatever challenge you are facing. We conduct an in-depth needs analysis and create recommendations for you based on our research. Then we work with you to build a program that fits your needs.

We address challenges from all angles and ensure that we are meeting the needs of the people who will be involved in the program by providing plenty of options to enable them to learn in their preferred ways. We feel very strongly about including people in the decisions about the content of the program and how it will be delivered. This builds buy-in and increases engagement in the program.

If your goal is to strengthen leadership and management skills, we focus our needs analysis on developing the key leadership qualities required in your organization to be successful.

Our needs assessment options include one on one discussions, team discussions, focus groups and online surveys. We will work with you to determine our approach based on the size and needs of your organization.

Each program is unique, designed to fit the needs of the people and the organization participating in it. It is our goal to support your success with a self-sustaining program. We conduct the needs analysis and design the program and we may implement some key pieces of the program but ultimately, we want to support your organization to own, manage and sustain your Leadership Development program.

Customized Leadership Program Includes


  • Review of relevant organizational documents and programs
  • Individual Needs Assessments
  • Team Needs Assessment
  • Development of Customized Program
  • Support with implementation of Program
  • Follow up and support as required

Sample Leadership Development Program

Sample Leadership Development Program

The Manage To Engage leadership development program has transformed our organization. Our leaders are now having the caring conversations they need to have. They are now bringing out the best in themselves and in their teams. Stephanie ensured our program started with a comprehensive needs analysis that ensured the program was tailored to exactly what we needed not just an off the shelf product. The 6 courses we delivered offered learning and tools that could be applied immediately. The content was equally applicable for our first time junior supervisors as it was for our tenured managers and directors. Our supervisors are less frustrated and confident because they now have the confidence to communicate, have difficult conversations, navigate a complex unionized workplace and build productive and caring relationships. We are more productive, spend less time on grievances, have decreased absenteeism and the workforce is more Engaged. Dave Kidd’s deep understanding of the Manage To Engage principles, his real-life industry experience and his effective, efficient facilitation ensured we received the best possible return on our investment.

Colin Moore
Director Food Services

When management brought this leadership program in, they said they wanted to change the culture here and I thought, 'good luck'. But after doing the courses, things are a lot better here. People are way more positive, the relationship between management and the union has really improved and I actually enjoy coming to work now.

Bert Temple
UBC Building Operations

This approach is entirely different than previous leadership programs I have been involved in which tend to focus on a one size fits all approach.

The program has been and continues to be an overwhelming success. Stephanie knows each individual in the program and can speak to their strengths, interests and development approaches. She is able to work equally well with front-line supervisors and senior managers. The program has become an integral part of how I want to run my operations in the future as in addition to developing the individuals, the team is being developed in a fashion that allows for succession planning in an area where future retirements will leave a substantial gap in expertise. I would highly recommend Manage to Engage's customized leadership program development in any Municipal or private sector organization, in particular where there is a direct public-facing operation.

Albert Shamess
Director - Waste Management and Resource Recovery, City of Vancouver